Travel Health Service

Initial consultation £60

Vaccination Service

Initial consultation £30

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We have available a full range of vaccines, which we order in on an ‘as required’ basis and therefore it is important that you book a telephone consultation at least five working days before the date of administration. This consultation provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions and enables our clinician to ensure that you are suitable to receive the vaccine.

Our Vaccination Service

We offer an extensive range of vaccinations, both UK vaccination schedule catch-up as well as additional vaccinations. In order to discuss your specific requirements, please select ’Book Appointment’ to book a £30 telephone consultation and to complete your online vaccination questionnaire. Please note, 5 working days notice is required to order vaccinations.

Prices include 15-minute GP consultation.

Vaccinations available include:

1.     GARDASIL-9 (HPV) two dose course £375/ three dose course £495

2.     Prevenar 13 (Pneumonia) £150

3.     Shingles £200

4.     Meningitis B (two dose course) £280

5.     Hepatitis B (three dose course) £150

6.     Chickenpox (two dose course) £160

Travel Health Service

Our travel health service includes advice on travel health and personal safety as well as an extensive range of vaccinations. Please select ‘Book appointment’ to book your £30 telephone consultation and complete your online travel questionnaire. Ideally, travel health consultations should be made a minimum of six weeks before travel.

Vaccinations available include:

1.     Tetanus £35

2.     Hepatitis A £60

3.     Typhoid £70

4.     Rabies (three dose course) £195

5.     Jap E Encephalitis (two dose course) £190

6.     Anti-Malarials – price varies

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